Abandoned Buildings and Long Lost Places


XPLORR NZ is a place that we¬†can share some of our¬†adventures with the world. Most of the photos shown here are of abandoned and disused places: schools, hospitals, film sets, army bunkers, tunnels, farm houses, industrial sites… and so on.

XPLORR NZ wishes to use these photos and stories as a way to capture interesting places. These images are used to document and record snippets of history before they are lost.

XPLORR NZ don’t believe in photo editing or using filters. A photo is a way of capturing a moment in time, and a heavily edited photo loses the feel of what was originally captured. We will play around with camera effects to create artistic and interesting shots, but the only photo editing we will do is straightening a shot or cropping an image to ideal proportions.

XPLORR NZ does not condone vandalism, graffiti, theft or arson. We access places only when they are accessible without needing to force our way in, and take nothing but photographs.

XPLORR NZ acknowledges that not all activities shown on this site are strictly legal, and discourages others from attempting to do the same without the proper safety precautions and permissions.

XPLORR NZ claims full rights to these images that we upload. You are welcome to share links to these images on your social media sites, but please contact us if you want to repost them in another context. A number of NZ press outlets have used our images hosted on another site in the past without permission, and even worse have cropped watermarks off images. This in lazy and unethical and we do not think that they deserve to profit by reposting the works of others.