I didn’t get the best shots of this place when I visited. I’d left it too late in the day and the light faded quickly as I walked up the valley, making it too dark for most of my photos too look any good. On top of this, there were a number of wild piglets grazing in plain sight, and plenty of rustling in the bushes, which had me on edge just in case mama pig decided to come out of nowhere and have a go at me.

I didn’t even get any decent photos of the main (and only remaining) building, which is why I hadn’t planned on sharing any of them. However I just read that said building had been burned down today, roughly a month after I’d visited, so I figured people may be interested.

It was only a matter of time really. The former orphanages-turned mental hospital facilities had long fallen into disrepair. Vandalism, arson and natural decay had done their damage to the once impressive buildings, which were slowly being demolished to make way for development into a trendy new housing estate.

I guess it just goes to show that you have to be on your game when it comes to exploring places like this. A place can stand vacant for 100 years, but if you don’t seize your chance it may be gone before you can see it. I had a handful of attempts over the past few years – whenever I passed through Nelson – but was always put off by a groundskeeper on site or poor weather.


Ngawhatu (3)Ngawhatu (6)Ngawhatu (9)Ngawhatu (13)Ngawhatu (15)Ngawhatu (16)

Ngawhatu (22)
Can you spot the two piglets?

Ngawhatu (28)Ngawhatu (30)Ngawhatu (32)Ngawhatu (33)Ngawhatu (35)