I remember attending my first rugby match here as a young boy. Rugby had never featured highly on my list of favourite sports, but I’d been offered free tickets that coincided with a family trip to Christchurch. It was a great game, with the All Blacks giving the Lions a proper thrashing. I can remember that the stadium was still partly under construction at the time.

Such a shame that the infamous Christchurch earthquakes rendered that work useless.

Usually such a site would be boring. How is an abandoned sports ground any different from a sportsgound that simply doesn’t have a current game on?  But these photos tell a different story, with long, overgrown grass on the pitch.

Note the writing left in the kitchen, clearly written by someone who didn’t expect the stadium to be abandoned for good.

This was a quick in-and-out for me. Cool to see, but I couldn’t linger because a nearby businessman spotted me from his office and began to gesture at me violently. Not worth sticking around to photograph empty seats and long grass at the risk of being arrested is it?

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